Welcome to Homi

Concept Store & Coffee Bar

We are located in the grand old Railway Hotel building in Warragul on Queen Street. We chose this site because the building is over 130 years old and is classically beautiful. We couldn’t think of a better space to showcase the wares we have curated for you.

Our store is based on care, comfort and beauty. We want you to enter and instantly feel calm, we hope you enjoy the sensory delights surrounding you and we welcome you to stay for coffee-chats with friends and family.

Homi is a unique name and will have many connotations for different generations. For us, it is a name that represents what we ourselves want our homes to be. We want them to be homey, comfy, welcoming and above all else, a space where you can be yourself and feel safe.

There are so many beautiful spaces like ours in Gippsland and we encourage you to explore them all. Maybe start or finish with ours because we also have a pubstaurant on site that make the most delicious cocktails and the food is equally on point. We would love you to come and visit us.

We are delighted to be able to showcase some of the worlds most beautiful items and we hope to see you soon.

Oh and make sure you ask us about our sustainability footprint, we are working really hard to have positive impact and sourcing our wares from suppliers who share this vision.

One planet, one race, one chance.